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What is PDR?

PDR or Paintless Dent Removal is a method of removing dings and dents without having to repaint the vehicle. This is done by massaging the dent out from the rear of the panel using specialist tools.


What are the benefits of PDR?

A huge benefit is fact that no paintwork is involved thus keeping the vehicle in its original factory condition. Probably the most important benefit is the quality or repair. PDR is the closest you can get to the dent never being there prior to removal. The cost for repair is also a major benefit of PDR. Minor repairs are typically cheaper than motor insurance access. Many dents can be removed in less than an hour. Where in body shops, a repair can take days. PDR is environmentally friendly therefore the greenest repairs method within the industry today, benefiting us all Globally. Since this process keeps the original factory paint on the vehicle, there is no need for toxins that are found and used extensively in body shops when repairing dents in the conventional ways.


Do most PDR techs do quality work?

Unfortunately, at this present time there is no qualification or required performance standard enforced within the PDR industry. Skill level varies in each PDR technician when making a decision on which to use. Using the cheapest can often prove to be a false economy.


How do I find a quality PDR technician?

We recommend, a prospective customer searches for a NPDRA member technician. The NPDRA is an organisation that is committed to setting nationally accepted standards within the PDR industry.


Will the paintwork be damaged on my car?

The PDR method will not damage the paintwork in any way providing it is intact in the damaged area. Today's factory paints are very flexible and are able to sustain this repair process. PDR is the only method of repair that maintains the factory finish.


Will the dent be 100% gone?

Minor dings and dents, in most cases, yes. Providing the technician can access the dent, most damage is repairable and to a very high standard.


Will the dents come back?

Absolutely not. Once a dent has been removed properly with PDR, it will never reappear.


Can any dent be fixed?

No. The most important factors in determining if a dent can be repaired by PDR is the location and sharpness of the dent. Dents the size of a dinner plate can be fixed successfully, where, some dents that are as small as a penny but very sharp, cannot be repaired using PDR, due to the panel being stretched. Cracked paint can also be a deciding factor. Most common sized dents are car park dings and dents. A minimal amount of minor dents cannot be removed due to sharpness or location on the panel. Areas such as some quarter panels, pillars, double skinned areas, or the very edges of some panels are difficult locations.


Can PDR help to sell my car?

When buying a car, most people judge by appearance. If it looks in good condition then the assumption is it has been well looked after. Dealerships and used car sales know this and always use a PDR tech when prepping a car for sale. Removing any dents will help them sell the car quicker, earning them fast profit at a very cheap outlay. When selling a car, PDR is one of the best ways to get the best price. An immaculate car will always attract more potential buyers, and encourage a quicker sale.

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